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Picture of Cliff Smith Artist

The Artist

Cliff Smith is a self taught artist who started painting in 2006. Motivated by best friend Greg Van Maanen, another outsider artist of 40 years. His art can be viewed at www. cavinmorris.com.

He was inspired by aboriginal art while traveling in Australia. Captivated by the bright colors and clean designs. The attention to detail was very appealing!

Cliff has added his own twist on the dot style painting making art that can be modern, contemporary, primitive or abstract.

The art will compliment any decor and will be a focal point in your collection.

The Art

These paintings are all originals which are hand painted using acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Most of the canvas frames are 1.50" thick gallery style.

The paintings are beautiful hanging on a wall without being framed.The colors are brilliant and add a lively touch to your decor. They will inspire interesting conversations and dialogs on their brilliance, originality and the images they project. The paintings have an interesting topography because the dots that compose them have a raised surface creating unusual miniature mountain ranges.

Each painting is one of a kind piece of art painted entirely by the artist.

You will be pleased with your original art!!


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